Clever storage ideas for small houses

Small houses tend to be cozy, but the challenge that most people have is storage space. That can lead to an already small area feeling cluttered with items, making the room feel crowded.

Reclaiming space back into your tiny home requires finding smart ways to store your stuff, all while keeping the room design in mind. Storage doesn’t have to be bland.

When done right, it ought to look like part of the décor. Here, we’re going to explore some smart ways to increase storage in your small house for a more spacious and clutter-free home.

1. Use hallway storage

storage ideas for small houses

If you have a hallway and there’s nothing there, then you’re not making the most use of that space. You’re not alone; the hallway storage mostly tends to be ignored. Though they are narrow, you can put in storage units that are don’t eat up a lot of space but can hold a lot of stuff.

You can also make your storage unit more practical by turning it into a long hallway storage bench.

You can place shoes, umbrellas, and the like within it. Everything tends to be out of sight, so it’s not an eyesore. This unit also doubles up as a place to sit when you’re putting on or taking off shoes.

2. Entryway storage

For those who have less closet space in their rooms, you can also turn the entryway into a place to put some of your stuff. The best is having a floating shelf so that there is more light flowing around the room.

There’ various ideas available as to how you can make the self; make one you find attractive and fits your needs. Those with families can also make it so that everyone can use the storage space.

Put storage bins and label each one as per the family member. It’s an excellent place to store impersonal things that you don’t use often, or you do when in the living room or heading out.

3. Furniture with storage


For the items that don’t go on the shelf, consider getting furniture with storage. Some odds and ends tend not to have the perfect home within the house, but they are still useful.

Anything that falls under that category can go on, for example, a flip-up upholstered storage bench or a stylish alternative. If your living room sofa also doubles up as a bed for guests, you can also use the storage to store beddings and pillows. It’s convenient and frees up your storage space.

4. Make utmost use of hooks

Hooks are a huge storage saver. Make the most of them around the house; on the walls, doors, closet, and any other space that allows for it.

There’s a lot of different kinds in the market that you can use in the appropriate areas.

You can hang items that don’t have room in drawers of shelves, but you still need them. Hooks also help free up space in existing storage spaces, allowing you to put in the essential things way.

5. Use vertical spaces

veryical storage

Vertical spaces vary, such as behind-the-door storage or an empty wall in a room. Using these solutions is best for those who live in particularly tight spaces but don’t want to, for example, build a floating shelf.

They are also perfect because you can store away those small items that notoriously clutter a room. An example of something you can use is a row of wire baskets where you can put odds and ends, such as items you use for arts and crafts projects.

6. Get staggering shelves

Ladder style shelves where each shelf level gets narrower towards the top looks better than the standard shelf. They tend to make the room feel smaller and affect a room’s aesthetics.

With a staggering shelf, you can also make fuller use of the storage, where bulker things go to the bottom and the smaller stuff at the top. You can arrange the items in such a manner that they look like part of the design concept that you have going on in a given space.

7. Make use of storage bins


If you’re looking for creativity in making storage bins look attractive, then you’re in luck.

A simple online search or a trip to Pinterest can give you fantastic ideas of how to DIY storage bin that suit your home or a given room. With these, you won’t need drawers.

When puttingon a shelf and the lid covered, people won’t know what’s in there.

It is also an ideal way of putting groups of similar items together for easier finding. When you put these storage bins on a floating shelf, you small will look not only beautiful but also spacious.

8. Hidden desks

Getting work done from home requires a comfortable space to work. With a small house, then having a large desk is an option. Here’s were hidden desks come in handy.

There’s a variety you can get, such as the foldable desk, a wall-mounted desk, or a closet desk. Whichever one you settle for, you’re assured you’ll save up on space.

Additionally, you can have these desks double up as storage. Another idea you can employ is adding a foldable desktop on an existing shelf that you can use when you need to get some work done.

Check out some of our favorite hidden desk ideas.

9. Use the nooks

There are nooks around the house that you can use, and they somewhat tend to be prominent in some small homes. You can add on the shelf without it necessarily eating up into space already there.

Look for these spaces around the house and transform them into storage spaces. Remember to keep it simple and open. You don’t want to block out any natural light as it will make the room look darker.

Wrap up

These are only a few smart storage ideas that you can use for your small house. They are a useful start particularity for those desperate to add extra storage into their homes.