How to make storage space in a small bedroom

Having a small space is not a license for a cluttered bedroom. You know this, and that’s why you’re here. You want to see how you can keep your room tidy by making extra storage space.

Here, we are going to discuss a ton of ideas that can allow your room to hold a lot without it all being in full display. The other good thing is that you won’t need additional furniture in your already small room.

If anything, the ideas here might allow you to finally get rid of that dresser that’s crowding your bedroom. Let’s dive in.

1. Declutter

Making storage space is not all about building or buying something to accommodate more of your items. The reality is that you probably have more than you need, and you need to get rid of some things.

If you haven’t worn it in over six months and you’re not waiting for the seasons to change, then you probably need to let it go.

If you feel uncomfortable every time you wear it or you have bad memories, it’s time to give out whatever that is. What about that corner in the room that contains odds and ends that you haven’t touched in years? Before you go about making storage space, be sure that you do need it.

2. Learn new ways of organizing your existing storage space

Again, before you get your tools for your next DIY project, figure out if you’re storing your items the right way. One thing that creates a ton of space is excellent folding. There are plenty of tutorials on how to fold various items of clothing.

Look those up and get to work. You’d be surprised how much space you’re left with. Another handy trick you can use for organizing is using drawer dividers.

3. Make the most of your closet

Traditional closets aren’t the best when it comes to maximizing space. You can have extra shelves installed, and if it’s a rented space, then you can get something semi-permanent. Even getting a small shelve or a stack of pallet boxes can get you the storage space that you need.

Put the longer items on one side and have the shelves, pallets, or whatever you choose right under the shorter clothes. There are also cool hangers nowadays that allow you to hang a lot of clothes and still take up limited space in your closet.

Don’t also forget to create a shelf above your hanging rail if there’s ample space.

4. Utilize the space under your bed

One neat trick to make everything disappear is having storage under your bed is it allows it. Even if it doesn’t, there’s the option of raising your bed. While you’re at it, make an under-the-bed storage solution.

There are tons of DIY projects that you can borrow from, or you can always call an expert or a family member that’s handy at woodwork to help.

If that’s too much work, storage containers are just as great. Purchase sizes that can fit under your bed, designating each one you get for specific items.

In case the bins are visible under your bed, you can DIY ways to make them look more like an integral part of your room’s design. You don’t want to use labels? You can use different laminates or colored fabrics that will let you know what’s what at a glance.

Check out some of our favorite hidden desk ideas.

5. Floating shelves

Getting a floating shelf is perhaps one of the best ideas you can adopt for a small bedroom. Not only are they practical, but when done in pleasing symmetry, they tend to make your room all the more aesthetically pleasing.

The other advantage of floating shelves is that you get things off the floor, which allows natural light to flow through the room seamlessly. If you have old drawers, you can turn those into floating shelves too. Therefore, don’t throw out your dresser just yet.

6. Use the back of your door/ the wall

Ties, scarfs, handbags, and the like don’t need to take up space in your closet or dresser.

That’s where the back of the door comes in. It might not feel like the natural thing to do, but a hook at the back of the door (or even the closet door if it allows) can get you more storage.

The trick is not to make it look like an eyesore.

Arrange the items neatly and systematically, and if you can, you can even color code to make it look like part of the décor. Again, you can have a semi-permanent rod or hooks installed to place things that are better off hanging instead of being folded way.

7. Cork wall for jewelry

storage space

Some people find jewelry quite challenging to store, and the end up being tangled on a container above the dresser. Instead, you can give them a new home on a cork wall.

You can get them a picture frame size board depending on the amount of jewelry you have. After, take your necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry and hang them there.

It’s a fantastic way to store your jewelry, and you also get to see the collection you have.

8. Turn your headboard into storage

Your headboard can also be another place that you can transform into storage. You do, however, want it to look good, and not merely a storage space for anything. The best way to work with the headboard is by turning it into a bookshelf. Book lovers will love this idea.

You can make cubbies of different sizes as part of the design, allowing you to hold different sized books and even a reading light. The bottom of the headboard on either side of the bed can also serve as storage. You can DIY storage bins to make the place look beautiful.

Wrap up

These are only a few ideas on how to make storage space in a small bedroom. There are indeed more ideas, but these are an excellent place to start, especially if you’re in desperate need of space.